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Evelyne Drouin

Also known under the DJ Mini moniker, Evelyne Drouin is a sound and multimedia artist of more than 18 years, who’s worked on many tours, performances and large scale projects in technological arts, both locally and abroad. She conceptualizes hybrid workshops that present new technologies as a creative medium. She adapts contents to better suit the abilities of her workshoppers as they go, allowing them to have a creative bloom and fully experience what a creative process is.

Roxanne Gagnon Houle

Roxanne Gagnon Houle is a teacher who specializes in behavioural and emotional rehabilitation with kids for the last ten years. Her role is to plan and adapt the workshops keeping the child and their learning characteristics in line. Each program is tested by Roxanne and her students to be adapted to the reality of different age groups or social backgrounds.

Dominic Tremblay

Dominic Tremblay has more than 20 years of experience in information technology. In the early days of the Web, he was among the first wave of entrepreneurs to launch a successful Internet company . Today, he shares his passion for information technology with the new generation. By joining geniemob, he wants to help young learners develop their coding skills with languages such as Scratch, Python, and HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Marley Errico

Marley Errico is versatile, from emerging to accomplished creatives work with her to allow them to focus on their art. She fuels on production and project coordination. She helps GenieMob’s growth while pitching to new leads and potential sponsors to join GenieMob’s mission providing new tools and resources that will end up in the hands of our next generation of leaders.

Adam Husa

Adam Husa is an emerging DJ and Electronic music producer based In Montreal. He founded the Platform Husa Sounds to share his dj’ing passion and provide exposure to local and international DJ’s to reach new fan bases. He regularly performs at events like Pik Nic Électronik. He presents the basics on his art for GenieMob, in the hopes of awakening youth to music and performance potential and workflows required for this artform.

Mathieu Boucher

Mathieu Boucher is a musician and Science teacher. His experience in tech, physics and music colors his approach to digital arts while integrating electronic components and basic programming skills. His contribution to GenieMob helps kids create artistic contents and use electronics as expressive media.

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